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Corespeed Fastpitch Serves the community

By Jason Jewett, 09/14/17, 2:15PM CDT


DEA Museum and Corespeed Fastpitch!

What a great day of service for Corespeed Fastpitch. It is not everyday that I get to combine my work with my Hobbies. But today I got to share the two worlds with each other. I am often asked why I am still coaching when I no longer have children involved. One of many reasons I joke about is that it is therapy. This is a true statement. I don't often talk about the evil I experience with work everyday but feel strongly about doing  everything I can to stop it.

One off those evils is drugs and how they destroy the American family and  our children. I often teach the lessons I learn at work to the Softball players in front of me. This is my therapy.  I feel better knowing I am doing my part to improve my community at work and in a different way Coaching.  So when the opportunity arrived that I can share with Corespeed Fastpitch players  some of the evil in the world captured by the DEA museum exhibit I was quick to agree to help. 

I was also excited to see our players feel the joy of  giving back to their community through volunteering to help set up the Museum. 

I was proud to see our players show up and  help.  I heard them talking about the exhibits as they helped place lighting for them. They were effected, they were saddened by it, and  hopefully they will stay away from the destruction that drugs can cause. I hope also that they will speak up against drugs when a friend or family member is tempted by drugs.

I am proud of our Corespeed Family and the work they did to help their community. 

Jason Jewett